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At Revell's Reptiles, we believe in quality products that are best for the health of your pets. 

Our breeding lines have been hand selected over the years to produce only the most vigorous and robust feeder mice and rats, which is why our stock is so popular with our customers’ snakes, geckos and dragons.  

By limiting the number of animals we raise in each enclosure, providing fresh, free-flowing water, weekly refreshes of food and bedding, and a safe, comfortable environment, we raise happy, healthy rodents.  

We take great pride and care in ensuring our mice and rats are raised in clean, humane, and stress-free conditions. This extends to our euthanasia procedures, which are in line with the RSPCA guidelines for a rapid, painless and distress-free dispatch.


Our rodents are available in all sizes – from pinky mice to super jumbo rats! All rodents are shipped frozen with dry ice to ensure that they are frozen for the entire journey.


Trade discounts are available for bulk orders over $1,000. Please contact us to discuss delivery options.

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